Duri-Riau Januari 3rd-21th, 2011

By the way I’ve forgot something that should be done for the first I came to Duri.. WHAT?? write of course..what should I write? anything.. Okay..

First, many of kind problem I have found here..starts from human relationship until technical problem, fiuhh..

As we know about that, people come to the world with their nature, in ISLAM we know four provision before we born, there are : fortune, life/ death, charity & ending (happiness/ unhappy). Here we can conclude that human being has noted for the destiny but we can changes some, because God will never change the human life without our effort & pray.
As I have heard and see in daily activities for more than 3 days, they (person who break their relationship) far from keep in talking to each other sometimes throw away the car-door, slander…ah, I thing many of such thing behind.
By the way, finally they now become friends again until long-long time, oh God thank you for your guidance. Hope this end will tight forever.

This is the aim why this site/ blog was created..yes, the technical problem are around of me..start from little to big problem..fiuhh.. OK, here I won’t tell what they are, but in the future on my journey of pump – maintenance/ overhaul, I will try to write as detail as I can.

May God give me always strength to continue/ maintain this site..amin


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